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Re: WG: Newbie questions

Markus Strickler wrote:
> * I'd like to use OpenLDAP for authentication on Sun 
> Solaris 7, Windows2000 Server, and Linux (SuSe) from 
> Windows 200 and MAC> clients. Access is via samba, ssh, 
> ftp and netatalk. Is this at all possible? Which modules will 
> I need for the different OSes, services? Which LDAP version 
> would be best to use? Are there pointers to the 
> specific schemas required for these services?

Samba's LDAP support is unstable (broken).  We're going to
work on that soon.  For sshd and ftp, use PAM enabled services
(OpenSSH and proFTPD compiled with PAM enabled) and use the
pam_ldap and nss_ldap modules from padl.com.

Don't deal with MACs that much.  No idea about netatalk.

> * I've been told that it is possible to use OpenLDAP 
> for storing M$ Outlook contacts. While I managed to 
> query the LDAP server from within Outlook, I haven't been 
> able to store contacts from Outlook. DOes anyone know how 
> to do this?

Here's a log entry from a Outlook client search 
through the directory.  This should help.  The bind was 
an anonymous bind here.

SRCH base="ou=people,dc=plainjoe,dc=org" 

> * I'm using the Java LDAP Browser/Editor, which has the 
> option to query for available base DNs. What do I have to 
> do so that OpenLDAP returns it's base DN?

OpenLDAP returns the server's naming contexts as part 
of a query to 

$ ldapsearch -b "" -D "" -w "" -x  -s base \ 		
	"(objectclass=OpenLDAProotDSE)" namingContexts 

namingContexts: dc=plainjoe,dc=org 

Cheers, jerry
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