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Referral from Slave to Master failed in 2.0.7


I have set up two Red Hat 7, both running openldap 2.0.7. The master to slave
replication works fine. But when I update the slave, I find that only the slave
is updated, but the master is not updated.

I have tried the above using ldapadd and a LDAP Browser by Jarek Gawor, and the
result is the same (i.e. only master to slave). Do any one has successfully have
the slave to master referral? (i.e. after updating the slave, it will refer the
client to update the master, and the master will then update the slave, as said
in the openldap administrator guide ch.10)

Thanks a lot.

Attached please find my slapd.conf for the master and slave. They are quite


(See attached file: slapd.master)(See attached file: slapd.slave)

Attachment: slapd.master
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Attachment: slapd.slave
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