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Multiple levels of access

I'm new to all this. I have successfully created a public address
book and that all works very well and our windows users can
read our public address book in Outlook etc. But I'm unsure
how much scope there is in LDAP for different levels of access...

We are looking to use OpenLDAP as an alternative to an
Exchange server. Perhaps we could use the OpenLDAP server
for users private address book, which only they can read.

Can there be bits (branches ?) of the LDAP server that only
certain users can read and write to. Other bits which everyone
can read. Other bits which some people can only read and
others can read and write ?

If so, can someone point me in the right direction...

Andy Gale 
Developer, Intelligent Network Technology Ltd, Bristol, UK
[e: andy@inty.net w: www.inty.net t: +44 (0)1454 640500] 

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