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Re: LDAP Replication [???] how is it supposed to work???

Updatedn in the slave should be the same as the replica binddn in the master.
In other words, in your slave slapd.conf, you need:


Also, that dn must exist in the slave, or you won't be able to bind to it.
If not, it might be a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem.  Two approaches to
this will work.  Either create "cn=Replicator,dc=nando,dc=net" on the master,
then dump the master and load it into the slave using LDIF files, then
restart the slave.  Or, if you've already done that and don't care to
repeat the process, temporarily change updatedn to be the same as the
rootdn in the master and the slave slapd.conf, and you'll be able to
perform the replication (but I don't recommend leaving it that way).
Or, you can temporarily bring your slave up as a master (on an alternate
port if need be) and then ldapadd "cn=Replicator,dc=nando,dc=net" after
binding as the rootdn.


> I just recently resolved my problem with the master LDAP server, and now
> it's time to move on to replication.  I followed the HOW-TOs and online
> guides, and yet I am still having problems with replications.  
> My LDAP slapd server is running slapd as well as slurpd.
> I have made the entries in /etc/openldap/slapd.conf on the master
> server...
> replica host=knob.somehost.net:389
>         binddn="cn=Replicator,dc=nando,dc=net"
>         bindmethod=simple credentials=secret        
> replogfile=replication.log
> --
> And when I start slapd and slurpd I do not get error messages like I used
> to.
> And on the slapd slave (replica server) I added this to my slapd.conf
> updatedn        "dc=nando,dc=net"
> --
> While on the master slapd server, I tail -f my replication.log file, I
> never see an update made to the slave.  Nor do I see the times stamps of
> the ldap database change on the slave.  It's almost as if the master is
> not updating the slave...
> Please, can anyone help?
> Thank you.
> -Rory Savage