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LDAP Replication [???] how is it supposed to work???

I just recently resolved my problem with the master LDAP server, and now
it's time to move on to replication.  I followed the HOW-TOs and online
guides, and yet I am still having problems with replications.  

My LDAP slapd server is running slapd as well as slurpd.
I have made the entries in /etc/openldap/slapd.conf on the master
replica host=knob.somehost.net:389
        bindmethod=simple credentials=secret        
And when I start slapd and slurpd I do not get error messages like I used

And on the slapd slave (replica server) I added this to my slapd.conf
updatedn        "dc=nando,dc=net"

While on the master slapd server, I tail -f my replication.log file, I
never see an update made to the slave.  Nor do I see the times stamps of
the ldap database change on the slave.  It's almost as if the master is
not updating the slave...

Please, can anyone help?

Thank you.

-Rory Savage