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Possible reasons for the TYPE conversion problem.

That problem I sited last week about having difficulty doing a distributed query through ADO from SQL Server 7 to an OpenLDAP server (where it worked perfectly fine against ActiveDirectory).

I believe I have a lead on why it is a problem with both OpenLDAP and Netscape LDAP server.


Says that a third party (other than ActiveDirectory) needs to provide the schema within the DS service itself such that ADSI can query it. Can anyone confirm if OpenLDAP implements this? MS claims it is a conformance to RFC 2251 section 3.2.2 (http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/htbin/rfc/rfc2251.html) but the RFC says in general that it must be implemented by mastering servers, but is vague on the minimum requirements.

The other detail is that each schema object has an attribute that dictates the syntax (called attributeSyntax) such as a Unicode String, but DOES NOT map at all to the standard OIDs for a Unicode String (

Does this make sense to anyone? Anyone able to confirm or deny my thoughts? It would also explain why a distributed query does about 5 queries against the OpenLDAP server between the bind and the actual query submitted.

- Nick