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Re: Possible reasons for the TYPE conversion problem.

At 08:19 PM 1/28/01 -0500, Nicholas Oddson wrote:
>Says that a third party (other than ActiveDirectory) needs to provide the schema within the DS service itself such that ADSI can query it.

Most LDAPv3 servers do, including OpenLDAP 2.0.

>The other detail is that each schema object has an attribute that dictates the syntax (called attributeSyntax)

There is no standard track attribute called 'attributeSyntax'.
You likely mean LDAPsyntaxes. 

>Does this make sense to anyone?  Anyone able to confirm or deny my thoughts?  It would also explain why a distributed query does about 5 queries against the OpenLDAP server between the bind and the actual query submitted.

It's probably querying the root DSE and/or subschema entries
(or subentries).