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About Password

Hi  All,
I 'm encountering some problems related to password.

At present in my Open LDAP server I have define my own password attribute and
store that in LDAP as a printable charecter rather than useing the attribute
defined in core.schema.

1. If I use the "userPassword" define in core.schema will it keep as an ecrypted
formate and while reading will it decrypt and return the actual value.

2. If not and If i want to keep the password in encrypted data what should I do?
Do I have to write my own encryption before storing in LDAP and decryption
methods while reading from LDAP.

3. If I use the javax.crypto pkg from java for encryption and decryption then in
my knoweledge I'm getting a byte array at the end of my encryption. When I take a
string equivalent of byte array all char may not be printable char. In this case
will Open LDAP allow me to create an attribute or node of that attribute with  a
non-printable char.

I will appreciate any insight for this.
Thanking u all