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Re: backup (was: slapcat cannot open database - why?)

I tried it on one of my servers before I submitted it. I have about 5000 entries total (growing rapidly though) almost all are basic user enties with something like 12 text only attributes. The server is a PIII 550MHz with a raid 5 subsystem on three current SCSI disks. For my setup this took about 7 seconds. I figure you could make the directory A LOT larger before the time it takes would be a problem. You decide.


Anthony Dean wrote:

how about something like:

ldapsearch -L -D <bind_dn> -w <bind_pw> -b <your_top_level> objectclass=* > ldap_backup.ldif

I've not tried to do it that way but it think it would work. Just a thought.


Dirk Datzert wrote:

Works great on small directories, but can take a very long time on large directories.


ps. The directories I deal with are fairly small so that is the way I do it.