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Re: backup (was: slapcat cannot open database - why?)

how about something like:

ldapsearch -L -D <bind_dn> -w <bind_pw> -b <your_top_level> objectclass=* > ldap_backup.ldif

I've not tried to do it that way but it think it would work. Just a thought.


Dirk Datzert wrote:

Hi Kurt, Hi Roland,

we use a simple script that shutsdown the LDAP server for just 2 seconds
every 12h, copy the directories to a backup dir and restarts the server.

After the Script you could do a ldbmcat on the backuped dir which is always

##### Start Script on Compaq ProLiant DL360, SuSE 7.0 linux kernel 2.2.16,
OpenLDAP 1.2.11



rcldap stop

for db in `cat $SLAPD_CONF | grep ^directory | cut -f 2`; do
 db_backup=`echo "$db" | sed -e "s,$ORIGIN,$BACKUP,g"`
 mkdir -m 0700 -p $db_backup
 echo "Creating Backup of $db in `dirname $db_backup`"
 cp -rpf $db `dirname $db_backup`

rcldap start

###### End Script

Roland Rosenfeld schrieb:

Hi Kurt!

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

slapcat: could not open database.

Make sure slapd is not running.

Ah, many thanks, that helped.

But this doesn't help me with my initial problem: I want to backup the
LDAP server.  Is it safe to backup the gdbm files only?  I personally
would prefer to backup a LDIF file, which can also be used on a
machine with a different hardware architecture.  That's why I was
looking for slapcat.  But on a production machine I cannot stop slapd
while running slapcat, because the server needs to be available all
the time.

So my new question is: how do you backup the data of your LDAP servers?



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