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Re: base search with objectClass=* does not work properly...

At 10:34 PM 1/16/01 +0000, Sukanta Ganguly wrote:
>>RFC 2251 does not say the root DSE contains subschema attributes.
>>RFC 2251 says that the root DSE, as well as all objects, should
>>have a subschemaSubentry attribute whose value refers to the
>>controlling subschema entry (or subentry).
>So what you say is that when I query the root dse the subschmeSubentry attribute's value should be returned.

Well, I actually say you should query the object you wish to modify
for its subschemaSubentry value.

The root DSE's subschemaSubentry, despite being SINGLE-VALUED, could
have multiple values per RFC 2251.  There is no defined mechanism to
determine which value is the one relevant to the object you wish to modify.

>This is a DN to the subschema which has the list of schema objects supported within a tree (i.e. schema management domain). I don't even get that when I do the above mentioned query. Have I done something wrong here.

You have to request operational attributes you want else they are
not returned.

> I searched the archived as you mentioned in your reply and I did not see anything responses which specified anything different.

Try searching for 'subschemasubentry' or 'subentry'.  You get
lots of matches.  The ones from September last appear to provide
a good description of how to discover controlling subschema of
an object.