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Re: base search with objectClass=* does not work properly...

At 10:34 PM 1/16/01 +0000, Sukanta Ganguly wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> Here is the confusion from RFC 2251.
>"Clients MUST only retrieve attributes from a subschema entry by
>  requesting a base object search of the entry, where the search filter
>  is "(objectClass=subschema)". (This will allow LDAPv3 servers which
>  gateway to X.500(93) to detect that subentry information is being
>  requested.)"

> I have just quoted the above para from rfc 2251. So if I have to query the LDAP server to get the object classes that it supports, the above para tells me to query the base object search of the entry.  Which entry will this be?

The subschema entry (or subentry).