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RE: SASL/LDAP authentication questions?

At 05:07 PM 1/16/01 -0600, Thomas_W_Collins@Dell.com wrote:
>One more thing.  When I execute the ldapsearch with the "correct"
>what I get back is the following:
>dn: uid=BSmith,o=NASH,dc=dell,dc=com

>Can anyone tell me what is going on with the value returned for the

As previously noted, ldapsearch provides values of userPassword
in base64 form.  The value is 'BSeidHl'.

>Is this the SAS/DIGEST-MD5 encrypted password?

No. It's <uid=BSmith,o=NASH,dc=dell,dc=com>'s user password, used
for simple authentication.  SASL/DIGEST-MD5 secrets are stored
in Cyrus's SASLdb.