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Re: Apologies in Advance

My manager has got a copy and he might have the intention to deploy it,
but he's an NT guy, so commercial software is a habit for him. Any way,
the IT Lead won't let any deployment of that occur because 1) It's
closed-source. Updates cost money and/or happen very few times. One can
get an update for OpenLDAP once the developers please to announce it. 2)
There are at least two full-blown open-source LDAP servers, so the open
source versions aren't any less functional than commercial 3) Tech
support is $$$ and usually not helpful unless you talk to the engineers,
which you sure won't with any commercial software. If OpenLDAP is broken
or has a bug, email the developer and he'll gladly help you out. Plus
there are who-knows how many mailing lists for OpenLDAP, and probably
few for any commercial version. 4) You're stuck with the risks of
proprietary software, and the mentality of "we've paid $$$ already for
it, so we're not wasting it, and so we are gonna use it", despite any
reason why it may or may not be good software.... 5) Replication costs
$$$$. Slave servers no doubt cost more money than one server....Look at
the licensing costs. Yowzer. I wouldn't bother with it.

Celine Murphy wrote:
> Has anyone ever used the Netscape Directory Server??

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