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--with-spasswd, SASL/GSSAPI authentication

What is the "--with-spasswd" configure option for? How is the feature it
includes configured and implemented?

Also, if I use SASL/GSSAPI for my authentication (ldapadd -Y GSSAPI),
then what, by default, is my dn going to be (the dn it uses to determine
who I am and what access rights I have on certain attributes/entries)?
Does SLAPD do a search for my principal (minus the realm) as a "uid"
attribute, and then return the respective dn that the uid is under?
Let's say my Krb5 principal is "tomas@MVISTA.COM", would it then look
for my dn using "uid=tomas" as the criteria, and then return let's say
"dn:uid=tomas,ou=People,dc=mvista,dc=com" as my dn assuming that dn has
uid set to "tomas"?

Tomas Maly
"IT Freak"
MontaVista Software
(408) 328-8429