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Re: Number of Connection

At 02:07 PM 1/5/01 +0800, Siao Chiun wrote:
>I took a look at my slapd log file and notice that the "conn" kept increasing and currently it is at 7531.

as expected...

>Here is an example entry in the log file:-
>"Jan  5 13:38:28 SIN_ABC_A01 slapd[3129]: [ID 368088 local4.debug] conn=7531 op=0 RESULT err=0 tag=97 nentries=0"
>Is there a limit to the number of connection? 

Yes, something like 2^(8*sizeof(long))-1.  Of course, the
number of concurrent connections is limited by the number
of file descriptors which can be open at one time... and
by other factors (number of threads, virtual memory, etc.).

>Do I need to restart the slapd from time to time to keep the conn number small?

Yes.  But there is no need to keep the conn number small.

>My loglevel is set to 256. This makes the logfile very huge within a short period of time and not many useful information for debugging. Any advice as in what is a more appropriate loglevel setting  for a rather stable system? 

Depends... I generally run with STATS.