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Re: Pam_ldap working?

At 11:49 AM 1/5/01 +0530, Vineeta wrote:
>    I just installed pam_ldap module for ldap authentication.But,not too
>sure if it is working.

I suggest you direct pam_ldap questions to the pamldap@padl.com
mailing list...

>  Is there a way i can know that pam_ldap is working?i.e. does it update
>any of the files like /etc/login or any other file.All i am trying to do
>is authenticate the user when he tries to connect to the Ldap server
>using netscape address book feature.

pam_ldap is designed for authenticating PAM enabled applications
using an LDAP directory.  Our LDAP server is not PAM enabled (though
I guess one could use SASL/PLAIN to do a PAM authentication [yuk]).

>Thanks in advance for the help .