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Re: Apache LDAP - please

On Wed, 3 Jan 2001 10:39:37 -0600, "Christian Gilmore" <cgilmore@tivoli.com> said:

Christian> Some have mentioned the C module auth_ldap.  There's also a
Christian> few mod_perl modules if that is the direction you'd like to
Christian> go. For instance, AuthenLDAP and AuthzLDAP are some of the
Christian> more current available from CPAN

Instead of authentication, is anyone aware of Apache modules that will
do virtual host configuration?  I haven't found any references to this
functionality, like there is for email, radius and such.

I'd like for it to get virtual host definitions such as DocumentRoot,
ServerName, and so on from LDAP. Of course I'd like to have it do this
in real time so I don't have to have something "apachectl restart" all
the time.