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RE: Apache LDAP - please

Please specify a bit more what you're looking for. You'd like to
reconfigure apache in real-time with respect to at least its virtual host
names and document roots based upon changing information in an LDAP?


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> On Wed, 3 Jan 2001 10:39:37 -0600, "Christian Gilmore"
> <cgilmore@tivoli.com> said:
> Christian> Some have mentioned the C module auth_ldap.  There's also a
> Christian> few mod_perl modules if that is the direction you'd like to
> Christian> go. For instance, AuthenLDAP and AuthzLDAP are some of the
> Christian> more current available from CPAN
> Instead of authentication, is anyone aware of Apache modules that will
> do virtual host configuration?  I haven't found any references to this
> functionality, like there is for email, radius and such.
> I'd like for it to get virtual host definitions such as DocumentRoot,
> ServerName, and so on from LDAP. Of course I'd like to have it do this
> in real time so I don't have to have something "apachectl restart" all
> the time.
> Thanks.