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RE: Importing an LDIF file

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> On line 3688 it says just:
> =US
> Which appears to be an incorrectly hard-wrapped line from 3687. Same thing
> happens again at 3605, 3629, 3649, 3674 and 3751. Is the original
> ldif like
> this, or is that just a typo from your data cleansing (to protect the
> innocent)?

Well, I just grabbed the latest copy of the ldif file, went completely
through it & that pattern didn't show up, so I'd have to guess that it
happened after the file was created.

> Maybe we should backup and ask how the ldif file gets
> created on NT?
> --David

Yes, I'll be taking a look at that early next week.  Today is only a
half-day for me, so I probably won't see any more replies to this thread
until Tuesday (unless I'm in here over the weekend).

I did want to say *thanks* to everyone who's replied to this thread, & wish
all out there a terrific holiday.