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Re: openldap, back-sql, database table and stored procedures

> On a general query about the attached letter. I realise it is possible to set up the
> ldap with a sql database but i would like to know how this works.

It works through sql backend - that is subsystem that serves ldap operations (passed to
it by daemon's frontend that talks LDAP to clients) using RDBMS. See documentation on

> Is it still
> possible to access it with jndi?

Of course, yes. Different backends have nothing to do with client interaction through
LDAP protocol - the (single) frontend does this job.
Different backends just muck with data as requested by frontend, so clients don't know
were the tree is stored really - BerkleyDB, RDBMS or plain text files.

> how do you access it with sql (JDBC??)

ODBC. OpenLDAP is written in C, not Java.

Please read the documentation available on site (guides, FAQs, list archives)

WBW, Dmitry