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Re: Transaction in LDAP

> Is there any  Transactions ( ROLLBACK , COMMIT )  in OpenLDAP like
> relational DataBase ?

IMHO, this is a bad idea..If you need transactions, you probably need a
Lack of transactions participates to better performance for the
directory than a transactional RDBMS for read intensive applications.. 

Despite this, I've heard about a LDAPv3 extension for transactional LDAP
.. But don't have any resources..

> Just I want to solve a scenarios like " Delete some node. then create some
> node and while creating the new nodes there is an Error and now I have to
> revert back". How to make this operations atomic?

Maybe it can be simulated if there is only one way (a gateway) to update
the directory.. So you could emulate a optimistic locking system, or
implements a 2 Phase Commit.. But if you have multiples sources of
update, it's becoming much more complex .. :-(

Best regards, Stéphane