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Re: Query

> Can I post my query regarding Software issue and use in this mail
> address...
> I got a problem in creteTimestamp and modifyTimestamp
> In slapd.conf lastmod is on.
> In my local schema file also I have included these two attributes to
> display in the required objectclass, presuming that this is the way to
> display the attribute.
> I'm not able to display in client side. Could u plz tell me what extra
> work i have to do and what is the mistake I have done.
> Thanking u
> Jajati
CreateTimestamp and modifyTimestamp are operational attributes, and you
must not use them in your schema definition.  The system maintains
automatically (especially with lastmod on).  Every object has these

OpenLDAP 2.x does not give operational attributes in search responses
unless they are specifically requested.  This is RFC-compliant behavior.