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Re: openldap, back-sql, database table and stored procedures

amol wrote:

>  As my current database is SQL server I am using back SQL of openldap
> so that
>     1. I need not change it

yes, this is what back-sql is for

>     2. I am not sure How will I add users in ldbm database from servlet code
> as it's a free service ? ( you can give me some hints here )

through LDAP client library - you can add entries to LDAP directory using JNDI
LDAP adapter from Java (as well as query it or do anything else that can be done
with LDAP directory)

> I hope now you can understand my situation. Now please give me some
> suggestions to go ahead, as most of the people are questioning me about using
> back-sql and I am a bit confused :-(

back-sql was designed specifically for situations when you already have data in
RDBMS, and don't want/have ability to migrate to ldbm or synchronize with it.
It can be tuned to virtually any schema you have to access your data through
LDAP, but you will have to define how your data fits into LDAP schema you desire
(SQL queries and stored procedures to support common LDAP operations).

> I am a newbie to stored procedures etc and now trying to go over it. I am
> getting the sample back-sql implementation a bit. I think the sample back-sql
> files ( sql queries to create database tables and stored procedures ) are  for
> core.schema so now if I want to add some more feilds which are there in
> qmailuser.schema I have to change tables and stored procedures. Is it right ?

not quite. sample files are just _sample files_. they define sample database that
someone could have, and illustrate how it can be exported to LDAP, depending on
RDBMS you use. They implement only a small part of what is usually contained in
real LDAP user directories.

back-sql tries to shield you only from programming your custom backend, but
shurely not from SQL authoring - it expects you to have enough skills to support
it from RDBMS side.

"concept" file contains explanations on principles back-sql relays on, it should
be sufficient to figure out what additional metadata and procedures you will have
to add to support _your_ schema - you don't have to use these samples as a start
(you can take only metatables creation script from there).

if you feel it is not enough - I barely can explain it any better, at least in
English, sorry...

> Thank you very much.
> Will mail you my developments.
> Amol
> Dmitry Kovalev wrote:
> > amol wrote:
> >
> > > I got openldap working with back-sql but now I want to add some feilds
> > > for each unit ( person ). Where can I find details about making database
> > > tables and stored procedures for changed schema.
> > >
> >
> > What information exactly do you want? There're general instructions about
> > construction metadata in servers/slapd/back-sql/docs/concept
> > Just write any procedures you need ;)
> >
> > And again, if you make plain new LDAP database, and have no data in RDBMS
> > yet - check the concept and FAQs - you probably better not use back-sql at
> > all - use general-purpose backend.
> >
> > WBW, Dmitry
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