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Re: What does "ldap_add: No such object" mean?

Well I try to be clever here, but failed miserably:

I try this file:

dn: cn=United States
objectclass: country
cn: United States

But when I tried:

ldapadd -f /tmp/newcountry -h localhost -p 389

I got the same message, ldap_add: No such object
I admit I was guessing a bit on the syntax!

Any ideas?



I have installed openldap and I'm trying to populate and query it, but when
I try and add a file:

ldapadd -f /tmp/newuser -h localhost -p 389

I get the follwing error:

adding new entry cn=name, o=orga, c=US
ldap_add: No such object

Have you created the "c=US" and "o=orga, c=US" entries first (in that order)?

Jeremy Begg

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