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Re: ldap-back-sql

suresh wrote:
I have succesfully tested ldap with gdbm backend.I am trying to run the
samples of ldap-back-sql
when i try to run a add ,i get this error.
Probably i have not created a particular table.Can any body please help
me.This is tha cammand i used

bash-2.03# ldapadd -D "cn=root, o=sql, c=RU" -h localhost -p 389 -w
secret -f test-ordered.ldif
adding new entry o=sql, c=RU
ldap_add_s: Unknown error

Can yu tell me what this means.On second thought i have included the debug
info.I belive this is not a sql prob.

Thanx in advance

As I see, yuo've used MSSQL.
Check, if you wrote stored procedures for adding attributes. The names of procedures stored in table (if you used sample scripts)
in table ldap_attr_mappings. Also, if your database name is differ from "ldap" you must change it in stored procedures, creted by scripts.
Best regards,
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