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Re: name space design

mysql will be used for to store temporary registrations pending approval.
once, they are approved, then they will be added to the ldap server. i'm
unable to decide if the department drop down list should be dynamically
populated by querying the ldap or mysql (which i need to keep a separate
table to store all department names). my concern is the
modification/deletion of departments such as if a department change name, is
it easy to change the department node "dn: o=department name, dc=company,
dc=com" and do i have to manually change all users dn to "dn: uid=username,
o=newdepartment, dc=company, dc=com". how easy to do it?

should the name space design be "dn: uid=username, o=department, dc=company,
dc=com" or simply "dn: uid=username, dc=company, dc=com". what's the pros
and cons. if i choose the latter, can i query the ldap database to return
unique/one value for each department names? how can i do it?

advice will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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From: Daniel Ceregatti <daniel@kickmedia.com>
To: Corisen <csyap@starnet.gov.sg>
Sent: Sunday, November 26, 2000 4:37 AM
Subject: Re: name space design

> Why use MySQL at all? LDAP is a database, afterall. I have web pages
(writtten in perl that use PerLDAP) that query the LDAP server for
everything,  no MySQL involved.
> Corisen wrote:
> > hi, i'm designing an web-based registration. there will be a drop down
> > on this web-based form to select the user's department. i've thought of
> > ways of dynamically populating the department drop-down list:
> >
> > 1. design the ldap name space to contain department name and limit the
> > query to one level (from root: dc=mycompany, dc=com) to retrieve all the
> > departments:
> > i.e. uid=username, o=departmentname, dc=mycompany, dc=com
> >
> > 2. store the department name in a mysql database and dynamically
> > the drop-down list by querying mysql.
> >
> > my worries about method 1 is as follows:
> > 1. if the department changes name, how can i update the dn of all the
> > under this department tree?
> > 2. if a user change department, how can i update his dn to uid=username,
> > o=newdept, dc=mycompany, dc=com?
> > 3. how can i delete a department and all the entries under it's tree?
> > 4. is including the o=department in the dn a good design? or should i
> > use "uid=username, dc=mycompany,dc=com"?
> > 5. what are the pros and cons of using "o" in the dn?
> >
> > using method 2, the name space design is simpler: uid=username,
> > dc=mycompany, dc=com. but i have to keep duplicate/two sets of
> > records. one in mysql and one in ldap. and they must be synchronise when
> > department is modified, deleted or added.
> >
> > i really have no idea what might be the complications for each method
> > which is a better way of designing.
> >
> > would really apprecaite some insight/advice from the experienced and
> > knowledgeable ldap users in this mail list.
> >
> > thank you so much.