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name space design

hi, i'm designing an web-based registration. there will be a drop down list
on this web-based form to select the user's department. i've thought of 2
ways of dynamically populating the department drop-down list:

1. design the ldap name space to contain department name and limit the ldap
query to one level (from root: dc=mycompany, dc=com) to retrieve all the
i.e. uid=username, o=departmentname, dc=mycompany, dc=com

2. store the department name in a mysql database and dynamically populate
the drop-down list by querying mysql.

my worries about method 1 is as follows:
1. if the department changes name, how can i update the dn of all the users
under this department tree?
2. if a user change department, how can i update his dn to uid=username,
o=newdept, dc=mycompany, dc=com?
3. how can i delete a department and all the entries under it's tree?
4. is including the o=department in the dn a good design? or should i just
use "uid=username, dc=mycompany,dc=com"?
5. what are the pros and cons of using "o" in the dn?

using method 2, the name space design is simpler: uid=username,
dc=mycompany, dc=com. but i have to keep duplicate/two sets of department
records. one in mysql and one in ldap. and they must be synchronise when any
department is modified, deleted or added.

i really have no idea what might be the complications for each method and
which is a better way of designing.

would really apprecaite some insight/advice from the experienced and
knowledgeable ldap users in this mail list.

thank you so much.