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Re: function ldap_add on php3 and openldap2.0.6

> when i use the function ldap_add on a script php3 i can add one entrie
> on a ldap base designed with openldap v1.2.9 but when i try to do the
> same thing with a ldap base designed with openldap v2.0.6 i have the
> following message "attribute type undefined" on the first attribute to
> add that is the DN with this structure 
> dn=uid = 50 ,ou=dgcp,o=gouv,c=fr
> i try the same thing with a ldapadd command line and my entry is
> successfully added
> Did you heard something about a bug on php ldap commands 
> Thank you very much 
> nb : i asked the same questions on a forum php because i don't know
> exactly where my question would be correct

OpenLDAP 2.0.6 is much more strict than 1.2.9.  1.2.9 (LDAPv2) will
default unknown attributes to cis, whereas in 2.0.6 (LDAPv3) they
must be defined in the schema.  The solution may be as simple as
finding the appropriate schema file and including it within slapd.conf.