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Ldapsearch simple question


I've setup my Openldap 1.2.11 on Linux 2.2.14 and it's running OK. A beginner's simple question is:

#ldapsearch -h localhost -b "basedn" "modifytimestamp=20001108*" --> returns nothing, while

#ldapsearch -h localhost -b "basedn" "(&(cn=*)(modifytimestamp=20001108*))" --> returns the entries, as intended.

Why is that? Can I make my server searchable on the "modifytimestamp" attribute or how do I make another attribute, searchable, that tells me which records was last changed on a certain date?

Your help is much appreciated.

	Thanks and regards,
	Andang Nugroho

	"Courtesy comes by default, but respect I gotta earn"