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Re: lddappasswd does not work (data decoding error)

At 01:52 PM 10/27/00 -0400, Marc Jones wrote:
>I am bale to authenicate myself against the sever and modify passwords
>using the ldapmodify command. I can not use the ldappasswd command
>I keep getting 
>Result: Protocol error(2)
>Additional info: data decoding error

The client doesn't properly encode the old password... will be
fixed in next release.

>The command I am using is 
>ldappasswd -x -D 'cn=Marc Jones,dc=career,dc=uconn,dc=edu' -w <password>
>-A -S

Don't use the -A (or -a) option.  Even with the above encoding
error fixed, the server doesn't support reverification.  The
bind is good enough...