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lddappasswd does not work (data decoding error)

I am bale to authenicate myself against the sever and modify passwords
using the ldapmodify command. I can not use the ldappasswd command
I keep getting 

Result: Protocol error(2)
Additional info: data decoding error

It does authenicate the user first, since if I use the wrong login
password I am told I do not have the credentials to change a password. 

The command I am using is 
ldappasswd -x -D 'cn=Marc Jones,dc=career,dc=uconn,dc=edu' -w <password>
-A -S

I noticed in older versions of ldap the '-b' option is required. In
v2.0.6 that is not a valid option so that is not the issue. 

Any one know what I am doing wrong.

						-Marc Jones
						University of Connecticut