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Organizing data: continued + Accessing from Outlook ( not express !)

Hi again,

First many thanks to those who answered to me about the data organization
problem I had. This was very valuable.

Second, maybe someone can confirm/infirm the following sentences ( comments
are welcome :)

- Each new object used within an entry must have a corresponding ObjectClass
in the same object. For example, if I want to add an o: entry, I must
specify objectClass: Organization.

- The "include" sentences within slapd.conf are used to define these new
objectClass & attributes.

- Each attribute given within the RDN line must be defied elsewhere ? or at
least the ones that follows the first one? 

And last, my questions.

- Does someone known what fields I have to include in my db in order to be
deserved by Outlook clients ( not Outlook Express!). Maybe M$oft is using
its own schema ? is that available?

- Is it possible to replicate the LDAP service from Exchange server with
suprd ?


Eric Devolder

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