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RE: ATTR "dc" not allowed...

At 04:56 PM 10/9/00 -0700, Susmitha Vuyyuru wrote:
>slapadd prints:
>dn="dc=example, dc=com" (line=5): attribute not allowed
>Following are the .ldif and .conf file configurations:
>In entries.ldif :
>   ------------
>dn: dc=example, dc=com
>dc: example
>o: excomapny
>objectclass: organization

organization does not allow 'dc'.  You likely should add:
  objectclass: dcObject

>how will I know which object class(es) does the object allow??

allow?  "is" would be a more appropriate question.  You
can determine what object classes an object is by examining
the objectClass attribute contained within the object.

>and in which schema??

When using slapadd, you have to examine the configuration
file to determine the controlling subschema.  slapd supports
only one controlling subschema as defined directives in the
*.schema files normally included by slapd.conf.

When using ldapadd, you must use the subschemaSubentry
discovery mechanism (see the archives).