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RE: ATTR "dc" not allowed...

slapadd prints:
dn="dc=example, dc=com" (line=5): attribute not allowed

Following are the .ldif and .conf file configurations:

In entries.ldif :
dn: dc=example, dc=com
dc: example
o: excomapny
objectclass: organization

dn: cn=lance, dc=example, dc=com
cn: lance
sn: david
mail: david.lance@aw.com
telephoneNumber: 408-134-2561
uid: dlance
pwd: pwd1
objectClass: person

include /core.schema
database ldbm
suffix "dc=example, dc=com"
rootdn "cn=aa, dc=example, dc=com"
rootpw secret
directory c:/openldap-ldbm

it gives me an error: attr "dc" not allowed.

how will I know which object class(es) does the object allow??
and in which schema??

Susmitha Vuyyuru

Portal Wave, Inc.
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At 04:15 PM 10/9/00 -0700, Susmitha Vuyyuru wrote:
>it gives me an error:
>attr "dc" not allowed.

This implies the input doesn't conform to schema.  In
particular, the input has an object with a 'dc'
attribute when the object class(es) of the object does
allow it.

slapadd normally prints additional information with the
"not allowed" message which includes the DN of the object
which it dislikes...  which should appear in the log file
if not the console.