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Re: Certificate format in LDAP

John Zhou wrote:
> But I got
> another problem: Several certificates which are obtained from Verisign are
> stored in our LDAP server. when I connect to the LDAP server in Netscape
> Communicator and try to search the certificates by email address, I was
> always told that the certificates can not be found in LDAP server. At the
> begining, I suspect it is because the certificate's format is base64.

Netscape Communicator does not load base64-encoded certs. See the
mailing-list archive for recent discussions about this topic and the
differences when using OpenLDAP 1.2.x or 2.0.x.

> I converted the format to binary and send them back to LDAP again

You're on the right track. See the archive.

Ciao, Michael.