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RE: Certificate format in LDAP

You can add your own LDAP server. Just open the addressbook (under the
"Communicator" menue), open the "File" menue in the addressbook, there
you'll find "New Directory ...". Fill out the fields for description,
LDAP server and search root with the appropriate data for your server
and you're done. If you have an e-mail certificate you'll find a button on
the "Security", "Messenger" tab where you can send it to a directory. Your
newly entered server should appear there as an option.

Thanks for your help. I did it just following your instruction. But I got
another problem: Several certificates which are obtained from Verisign are
stored in our LDAP server. when I connect to the LDAP server in Netscape
Communicator and try to search the certificates by email address, I was
always told that the certificates can not be found in LDAP server. At the
begining, I suspect it is because the certificate's format is base64. So, I
converted the format to binary and send them back to LDAP again. But
Netscape Communicator still cannot find the certificates. Do you know what's
the problem? Thanks