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Re: Synchronizing a NT4 PDC with OpenLDAP

"Petricevich, Paul" wrote:
> Hello, is there currently any software which will allow a NT4 PDC server to

Not that I know of.  I began researching the project a few months back,
but when I realized that iPlanet Directory server was free for 20,000
entries with Solaris 8, I just settled for the the iPlanet sync. 
iPlanet NT sync is a pain at times so I'm still not opposed to work on a
generic LDAP NT sync tool.  

A sync tool is worth it though.  We have all our labs, wether
NT/IRIX/Solaris/Linux, using one user database, and the user can change
their passwords from any of these stations, this is worth a great deal
in saved administration cost.

I have a few informational links if you are interested in working on
such a tool, and a little code on the password notify DLL part (a NT DLL
that notifies an external program that the user has changed their
passsword).  That was the first part I was looking into (probably the
easiest part to ). Then you'd need a OpenLDAP plugin/"server
extension"/trigger (do those exist?) that notifies an external program
whenever a user is added or a NT attribute has changed.