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Re: __eprintf

jwh2@cornell.edu writes:

> 	I'm trying to build openldap v2.0.1 with cyrus-sasl 1.5.24, mit 
> kerberos 1.2.1 on a solaris 2.6 system but I'm getting an unresolved 
> reference for "__eprintf", any clues on how to deal with this would be 
> appreciated.  Thanks.

eprintf is part of libgcc, and is used in the assert() macro. I don't
have access to a solaris system any more, but if I were to hazard a
guess, there is a -I/usr/include in the CFLAGS which is causing the
wrong assert.h to be loaded. This is mostly a shot in the dark, though.

What version of gcc are you using? 
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