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RE: Building on NT/2000 w/ Cygwin

I would suggest reading the "Porting to MingW32" documents on the
and using MingW32 instead of Cygwin. The last time I checked, Cygwin's
library was still broken. Certainly it wasn't usable for slapd.
See this entry: http://www.openldap.org/faq/data/cache/300.html

I suppose some bits of it need to be updated now that OpenLDAP 2.0 has been

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> Subject: Building on NT/2000 w/ Cygwin
> Is there anyone who can point me to some good documentation
> about installation on NT? I've spend a good part of today
> attempting to build this on NT.
> First issue: I could not find POSIX version of regex. Okay, I
> found the FAQ-O-matic entry on that.
> Second issue: Could not find POSIX version of pthreads. Okay,
> renamed pthread.h, fell through to pth.h, which I did install.
> Seems to work okay, occasionally had issues with line
> continuation characters "\" in pth.h that I had to rectify. Not
> sure why GCC didn't like these...still getting warning about
> one of the references being empty.
> Third issue: Config finally works, make depend seems to
> work, but then make chokes on one of the thing in /libraries
> directory (I'm going from memory here; I think it's liblbm or
> some such), it doesn't like glbm_errno or something like that.
> Changed this to errno, because I have no clue how to fix this
> properly.
> At this point, I'm able to build (I think that's all I did), but the
> make install doesn't seem to move everything to where it
> needs to go, and slapd doesn't want to start....
> I'm just lost. Is there an easier way to get this to work on NT?
> I'm not sure where to start RTFM'ing besides INSTALL and
> README files, and I've already read those.
> Thanks in advance.