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Building on NT/2000 w/ Cygwin

Is there anyone who can point me to some good documentation
about installation on NT? I've spend a good part of today
attempting to build this on NT.

First issue: I could not find POSIX version of regex. Okay, I
found the FAQ-O-matic entry on that.

Second issue: Could not find POSIX version of pthreads. Okay,
renamed pthread.h, fell through to pth.h, which I did install.
Seems to work okay, occasionally had issues with line
continuation characters "\" in pth.h that I had to rectify. Not
sure why GCC didn't like these...still getting warning about
one of the references being empty.

Third issue: Config finally works, make depend seems to
work, but then make chokes on one of the thing in /libraries
directory (I'm going from memory here; I think it's liblbm or
some such), it doesn't like glbm_errno or something like that.
Changed this to errno, because I have no clue how to fix this

At this point, I'm able to build (I think that's all I did), but the
make install doesn't seem to move everything to where it
needs to go, and slapd doesn't want to start....

I'm just lost. Is there an easier way to get this to work on NT?
I'm not sure where to start RTFM'ing besides INSTALL and
README files, and I've already read those.

Thanks in advance.