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Re: back-sql and sql.h

Just to report that this is now fixed: apparently, the names of several
include files changed between iodbc releases 2.50.22a and 2.50.3 (sic).
I've now got 2.50.3, and the build worked fine.

Many thanks to Dimitry Kovalev for figuring this out.

Peter Duffy wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm currently trying to build openldap-2.0-gamma with back-sql (vital
> stats: redhat 6.2 with kernel 2.2.14-5.0; mysql 3.22.32; iodbc
> 2.50.22a). Currently, it's refusing to build because
> back-sql/sql-types.h is looking for include files called sql.h and
> sqlext.h. So
> far, I've not been able to find this file (either in the mysql, iodbc or
> openldap source trees.)
> Anyone else hit this? I assume there's a simple explanation and cure
> (hopefully I'm not doing something daft.)
> Regards,
> Peter