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Re: No validator for syntax

Le Mon, 04 September 2000, "Kurt D. Zeilenga" a écrit :

> At 02:26 PM 9/4/00 +0000, Gwenael Treguier wrote:
> >  ldap_add ... no validator for syntax. 
> This means that you have attempted to add a value of a
> syntax which the server is unable to validate.
I have modified my LDIF, and it seems that the problem comes from entries with "uniqueMember" attributes (ie, Group). When I have suppressed these attributes, it complains that Group must have uniqueMember...
> >I have check the entry but it seems good. 
> >I have read in the development mailing list that one solution would be to had "schemacheck off" in slapd.conf. 
> schemacheck only disables object class MUST/MAY checks.  It
> has no affect on undefined attribute type and/or syntaxes.
You're right, it changes nothing to add this line in slapd.conf.
> >Could someone tell me where can I get more information? 
> Check your server logs for details.

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