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Initial Setup Question

This has bugged me for a really long time. I've been through tutorial
after tutorial and tried this on three separate computers. Basically, I
got the slapd.conf file setup correctly and the daemon started (I also
noticed it uses hosts.allow/deny whether or not it is started in
inetd.conf and "fixed" that) and now all I want to do is import records.
I created this initial file and then used the migrate_passwd.pl file to
create and ldif and try to import that but no matter what I do, the
result is the same (res_errno: 32) ldap_bind: no such object

dn: o=Palisade Systems,c=US
o: Palisade Systems
objectclass: organization
objectclass: country

dn: cn=manager,o=Palisade Systems,c=US
cn: manager
sn: manager
objectclass: person

Note: I did put a few access control lines in the file, but since
manager is supposed to bypass those anyway, that shouldn't matter. I
also copied my password from the passwd file and used that for now as
the encrypted password in slapd.conf as in the following:

rootdn    "cn=manager,o=Palisade Systems,c=US"
rootpw    {crypto}blahblahblah

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or point me to a truly good
howto on how to do this? (all the ones I've seen are essentially the
same howto and don't tell you how to setup the initial ldbm databases
for special object classes). TIA


Heath Stewart
Systems Administrator / Developer
Palisade Systems, Inc.