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RE: pam_ldap

You didn't even mention what platform you are on.

There's a config file, /etc/ldap.conf last time I checked, to specify the
LDAP server. I *think* the more recent nss/pam_ldaps will autolocate from
DNS SRV records, but I could be talking out of my rear. RTFM is the best

In answer to your second query, no, you can't have some attributes from one
source and some from another. It's all or nothing.


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    I'm sorry to bother you guys about this one again ... help me out on
this one please... =)

Let's say I have an entry in my ldap database like (using ldif format):

dn: uid=10051, o=organisation, c=country
objectclass: person
ou: people
cn: John Doe
sn: Doe
givenname: John
userpassword: secret
manager: uid=500, o=organisation, c=country
mail: doe@xyz.org
alias: john_doe

having nss_ldap and pam_ldap installed in the system and configuring it
in /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/pam.d/login I still find there is
something missing ... like ... how do I tell the system what ldap server
he should look for in order to make the queries and as well how do I
give him the credentials so pam is authorized to make those queries ...
I'd apretiate soem directions concerning that ... I also take this
chance to ask if nss_ldap can be used to retrieve only _SOME_ of the
user attributes ... like ... retrieve the name and the group id but use
the local system defined shell (in /etc/passwd).
Thanks in advance,

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