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AW: Write referral


>> ching liang tseng wrote
>>I am using OpenLDAP 1.2.11 on linux. Would anyone please advice how to
refer update (write) >>from slave to master slapd server?  Thnaks.
> kurt d. zeilenga wrote:
>The slave server, if setup correctly, will return the default
>referral to the client upon attempts to write to the database.
>If you have a client which reuses authentication credentials,
>then things just work.  But note that many clients (including
>ldapadd/modify) don't support reuse of authentication credentials
>for security reasons. 

i see, that's the reason why my client (ldapmodify) doesn't reuse either
the dn it bound to the slave nor the appropriate credential ...
i would prefer an option to enable reuse of credentials ... maybe it's
interesting for anybody else ...


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