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Re: Problem with encryption

On Wed, 26 Jul 2000, Javi Polo wrote:
> I'm just new to LDAP and I'm trying openldap ... 
> I've set up the slapd.conf and run slapd ... it works, but I have to suply
> the rootpw entry in clear text
> If I put the password encrypted (I've tried both MD5 and simple CRYPT) when
> I try to do anything it ends up with a "Invalid credentials" error :(
> My system is running now shadow md5 passwords, so it supports md5 and crypt
> too .....

On your slap.conf write something like:
rootpw	{md5}fdgkjflgkjflgjkfkjlfdkg==

At your first time, you can use ldappasswd to get a MD5 password.
For example:
ldappasswd -vvv -Y 8 -H md5 -D "dc=es" -W

You will get your string encrypted.  Just cut & paste on your

German Poo Caaman~o