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RE: deleting ldap data

You need to use the dn of your entry and it will then delete that record.  I
don't think you can do it in the general sense you are trying.  The -D
should be followed by the admin dn you setup in your slapd.conf file. You
will also need to add the -W to prompt you for the password or a -w followed
by the password unless you reconfigured delete access.  So the entry would
look like this

ldapdelete -D "cn=Manager,dc=baruch,dc=cuny,dc=edu" -w "secret" "<the dn of
your record>"

The process should be extremely quick.  More then 1 second and something
probably isn't right.

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excuse my ignorance, but i am relatively new to this and i tried to use
ldapdelete and it didn't seem to work.  i used:

ldapdelete -D 'cn=*, dc=baruch, dc=cuny, dc=edu'

it seemed just to freeze.  this process shouldn't take long, right?  i
only have 6 entries.

how can i delete the data files?

peter choe

William L Anderson wrote:

> Peter, yes you can use ldapdelete. You can also just delete all the
> data files in the ldap database directory and start over.
> Bill Anderson