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RE: deleting ldap data

You can delete only one entry with ldapdelete operation and also you need
authenticate with the DN and password of the directory manager.

To delete the entry "cn=Peter, dc=baruch, dc=cuny, dc=edu", do the

ldapdelete -D "cn=root, dc=baruch, dc=cuny, dc=edu" -w secret "cn=Peter,
dc=baruch, dc=cuny, dc=edu"

where rootdn = "cn=root, dc=baruch, dc=cuny, dc=edu"
	rootpw = "secret"

Also there are LDAP browsers available in public domain. You can use them
to delete the whole branch including all sub-entries.

Hope this helps.


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    excuse my ignorance, but i am relatively new to this and i tried to use
    ldapdelete and it didn't seem to work.  i used:

    ldapdelete -D 'cn=*, dc=baruch, dc=cuny, dc=edu'

    it seemed just to freeze.  this process shouldn't take long, right?  i
    only have 6 entries.

    how can i delete the data files?

    peter choe

    William L Anderson wrote:

    > Peter, yes you can use ldapdelete. You can also just delete all the
    > data files in the ldap database directory and start over.
    > Bill Anderson