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Re: deleting ldap data

> excuse my ignorance, but i am relatively new to this and i tried to use
> ldapdelete and it didn't seem to work.  i used:
> ldapdelete -D 'cn=*, dc=baruch, dc=cuny, dc=edu'
> it seemed just to freeze.  this process shouldn't take long, right?  i
> only have 6 entries.
> how can i delete the data files?

You are misusing ldapdelete.  You are using the argument to -D as though
it were the distinguished name of the object you want to delete.  -D
is used to specify the distinguished name of the user to authenticate
as, so that you *can* delete.  This can be the rootdn, or another dn,
depending on ACLs you have set up.  It can even be the anonymous user
(ie. no authentication), but that would be an insecure server that
allowed modifications without authentications.

Go back and re-read the man page for ldapdelete.  You'll need to do
something like "ldapdelete -D rootdn -W -f file-of-dns-to-delete".
Without -f, it will wait for dn's from standard input (thus forever,
unless you start typing).